skcriteria.core.methods module

Core functionalities of scikit-criteria.

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCMethodABC[source]

Bases: object

Base class for all class in scikit-criteria.


All subclasses should specify:

  • _skcriteria_dm_type: The type of the decision maker.

  • _skcriteria_parameters: Availebe parameters.

  • _skcriteria_abstract_class: If the class is abstract.

If the class is abstract all validations are turned off.


Return the parameters of the method as dictionary.


Return a custom copy of the current decision-maker.

This method is also useful for manually modifying the values of the object.


kwargs – The same parameters supported by object constructor. The values provided replace the existing ones in the object to be copied.

Return type

A new object.