Version 0.6

  • Support for Python 3.10.

  • All the objects of the project are now immutable by design, and can only be mutated troughs the object.copy() method.

  • Dominance analysis tools (DecisionMatrix.dominance).

  • The method DecisionMatrix.describe() was deprecated and will be removed in version 1.0.

  • New statistics functionalities DecisionMatrix.stats accessor.

  • The accessors are now cached in the DecisionMatrix.

  • Tutorial for dominance and satisfaction analysis.

  • TOPSIS now support hyper-parameters to select different metrics.

  • Generalize the idea of accessors in scikit-criteria througth a common framework (skcriteria.utils.accabc module).

  • New deprecation mechanism through the

  • skcriteria.utils.decorators.deprecated decorator.

Version 0.5

In this version scikit-criteria was rewritten from scratch. Among other things:

  • The model implementation API was simplified.

  • The Data object was removed in favor of DecisionMatrix which implements many more useful features for MCDA.

  • Plots were completely re-implemented using Seaborn.

  • Coverage was increased to 100%.

  • Pipelines concept was added (Thanks to Scikit-learn).

  • New documentation. The quick start is totally rewritten!

Full Changelog:

Version 0.2

First OO stable version.

Version 0.1

Only functions.