skcriteria.core.methods module

Core functionalities of scikit-criteria.

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCDecisionMakerABC[source]

Bases: skcriteria.core.methods.SKCMethodABC

Mixin class for all decisor based methods in scikit-criteria.


Validate the dm and calculate and evaluate the alternatives.


dm ( – Decision matrix on which the ranking will be calculated.



Return type

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCMatrixAndWeightTransformerABC(target)[source]

Bases: skcriteria.core.methods.SKCTransformerABC

Transform weights and matrix together or independently.

The Transformer that implements this mixin can be configured to transform weights, matrix or both so only that part of the DecisionMatrix is altered.

This mixin require to redefine _transform_weights and _transform_matrix, instead of _transform_data.

property target

Determine which part of the DecisionMatrix will be transformed.

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCMethodABC[source]

Bases: object

Base class for all class in scikit-criteria.


All estimators should specify:

  • _skcriteria_dm_type: The type of the decision maker.

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCTransformerABC[source]

Bases: skcriteria.core.methods.SKCMethodABC

Mixin class for all transformer in scikit-criteria.


Perform transformation on dm.


dm ( – The decision matrix to transform.


Transformed decision matrix.

Return type

class skcriteria.core.methods.SKCWeighterABC[source]

Bases: skcriteria.core.methods.SKCTransformerABC

Mixin capable of determine the weights of the matrix.

This mixin require to redefine _weight_matrix, instead of _transform_data.